Original title: 2012 Doomsday. [185] Indian composer A. R. Rahman, known for Slumdog Millionaire, released his single "Infinite Love" to "instill faith and optimism in people" prior to the predicted doomsday. [162] The main ceremony in Chichén Itzá was held at dawn in the plaza of the Temple of Kukulkán, one of the principal symbols of Maya culture. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter. During the ceremony the priests asked for unity, peace and the end of discrimination and racism, with the hope that the start of a new cycle will be a "new dawn". We'll be screening films from … [84], Astronomers such as David Morrison argue that the galactic equator is an entirely arbitrary line and can never be precisely drawn, because it is impossible to determine the Milky Way's exact boundaries, which vary depending on clarity of view. For the Mayans it is the last recorded day. In the granddaddy of "technology run amok" films, the eponymous NORAD-sized supercomputer is designed as nuclear failsafe, but before you can say HAL (or Skynet, or the Matrix), the computer becomes self-aware and turns against its human masters. In all of these archaeological sites, Maya rituals were held at dawn led by shamans and Maya priests. Action. For NASA scientists it is a cataclysmic polar shift. More recent hits include "2012 (It Ain't the End)" (2010) performed by Jay Sean and "Till the World Ends" (2011) performed by Britney Spears. For NASA scientists it is a cataclysmic polar shift. ta chak joyaj, It will be completed the 13th bʼakʼtun. Martín Sacalxot, of the office of Guatemala's Human Rights Ombudsman (Procurador de los Derechos Humanos), said that the end of the calendar has nothing to do with the end of the world or the year 2012. There have been many different End Times scenarios from societies throughout history. The 2012 Doomsday Film Festival explores our collective obsession with the Apocalypse in film, art, and culture. The Mayan calendar alignment doomsday movie “2012” has modern day arks used to save humanity from another global flood. It is 4 Ajaw 3 Kʼankʼin Read reviews, check member ratings, watch trailer of 2012: Doomsday movie. [28][Note c] Thus this inscription anticipates the current universe lasting at least 2021×13×360 days,[46] or roughly 2.687×1028 years; a time span equal to 2 quintillion times the age of the universe as determined by cosmologists. [20] The Popol Vuh describes the gods first creating three failed worlds, followed by a successful fourth world in which humanity was placed. 92YTribeca will be a block down on your left. Doch dieser Billigproduktion fehlt es im Grunde genommen an alles. A Scientific Discovery Revealed.. On December 21, 2012 four strangers on a journey of faith are drawn to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico. A New Age interpretation held that the date marked the start of a period during which Earth and its inhabitants would undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 21 December 2012 would mark the beginning of a new era. [43], Maya inscriptions occasionally mention predicted future events or commemorations that would occur on dates far beyond the completion of the 13th bʼakʼtun. Just watched 2012 Doomsday, and before few days it was 2022, a Thai movie.Both of these movies are purely based on the fate of our mother earth. [137] Jared Lee Loughner, the perpetrator of the 2011 Tucson shooting, followed 2012-related predictions. Find movie and film cast and crew information for 2012: Doomsday (2008) - Nick Everhart on AllMovie Jan 21, 2011. There is no significant astronomical event tied to the Long Count's start date. 2012 Doomsday subtitles. [54][94], Novelty theory has been criticized for "rejecting countless ideas presumed as factual by the scientific community", depending "solely on numerous controversial deductions that contradict empirical logic", and encompassing "no suitable indication of truth", with the conclusion that novelty theory is a pseudoscience. For the Mayans it is the last recorded day. Audience Reviews for 2012: Doomsday. Bei beiden wird das Ende des Mayakalenders am 21.12.2009 als Aufhänger verwendet. [107] Evidence shows that the Sun passed through the plane bisecting the galactic disc three million years ago and in 2012 was moving farther above it. One inscription, known as Tortuguero Monument 6, is the only inscription known to refer to bʼakʼtun 13 in any detail. December 21, 2012, the day that the 5,125 year-old Mayan calendar suddenly comes to an end, resetting to For NASA scientists it is a cataclysmic polar shift. Check out our 2009, 2010 and 2011 programming to get a taste of what we've featured in the past. HD IMDB: 1.7. December 21, 2012 • Mayan 2012 Calendar • 2012 trailer • 2012 movie • 2012 doomsday • 2012 apocalypse • 2012 prophecy • Crystal Skulls Pentru oamenii de știință NASA, este o schimbare polacă cataclismică. Abbiamo raccolto da molte fonti legali di film di alta qualità, limonate, che in realtà hanno a guardare qualsiasi sito Web su Internet per guidare film veramente buono. [53] Themes found in 2012 literature included "suspicion towards mainstream Western culture", the idea of spiritual evolution, and the possibility of leading the world into the New Age by individual example or by a group's joined consciousness. 2012 doomsday movie When driving baseline from the right side of the court, use your right hand to dribble and your left foot as the brake foot. rubbish - 2012: Doomsday review by CP Customer. In 1957, Mayanist and astronomer Maud Worcester Makemson wrote that "the completion of a Great Period of 13 bʼakʼtuns would have been of the utmost significance to the Maya. [126], The 2012 date was also loosely tied to the long-running concept of the Photon Belt, which predicted a form of interaction between Earth and Alcyone, the largest star of the Pleiades cluster. [75] In 2012 it was about halfway through the Milky Way, crossing the galactic equator. If you think the end of time is Fake see this movie it might change your mind, Sherry . Some research[60] suggests that both Argüelles and McKenna were heavily influenced in this regard by the Mayanism of American author William S. Burroughs, who first portrayed the end of the Mayan Long Count as an apocalyptic shift of human consciousness in 1960's The Exterminator. Walk west on Canal to Hudson. Make a left on Hudson. Streaming. [92], "Timewave zero" is a numerological formula that purports to calculate the ebb and flow of "novelty", defined as increase over time in the universe's interconnectedness, or organized complexity. [66] In 2006, author Daniel Pinchbeck popularized New Age concepts about this date in his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, linking bʼakʼtun 13 to beliefs in crop circles, alien abduction, and personal revelations based on the use of hallucinogenic drugs and mediumship. However, commentators have rejected claims that the bot is able to predict natural disasters, as opposed to human-caused disasters … [121] The idea originated from claims of channeling alien beings and is widely ridiculed. Thus, the Maya date of represents 8 bʼakʼtuns, 3 kʼatuns, 2 tuns, 10 uinals and 15 days. For the rest of us, it is Doomsday. Cliff DeYoung. Doomed romantic Anthony Edwards finally stumbles into a meet-cute with a dream girl, but on the eve of their second date, he picks up a stray ringing pay phone at 4 am and gets some unfortunate news—WWIII has been launched, giving him 70 minutes before nukes descend upon the streets of L.A. Oh, Y2K. [148] When asked when the world would end in a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "In about 4.5 billion years. [28] Susan Milbrath, curator of Latin American Art and Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, stated that, "We have no record or knowledge that [the Maya] would think the world would come to an end" in 2012. Immediately the camera cuts to a close-in shot of Lloyd. Most of these are in the form of "distance dates"; Long Count dates together with an additional number, known as a Distance Number, which when added to them makes a future date. G-Force. Runtime: 1h 49m ... at its core Doomsday is a guilty pleasure film that delivers exciting and gratuitous action that's a lot of fun to watch. 2012: Doomsday (132) IMDb 1.7 1h 25min 2008 13+ Four strangers on a journey of faith are drawn to a temple in the heart of Mexico on December 21, 2012. (4 voturi, medie: 3,00 din 5) Încarc... 1h 25m 2008. [147], In Russia, inmates of a women's prison experienced "a collective mass psychosis" in the weeks leading up to the supposed doomsday, while residents of a factory town near Moscow reportedly emptied a supermarket of matches, candles, food and other supplies. And bring your axe. This idea was promulgated by many pages on the Internet, particularly on YouTube. [158][159][160], On the final day of bʼakʼtun 13, residents of Yucatán and other regions formerly dominated by the ancient Maya celebrated what they saw as the dawn of a new, better era. Synopsis: On December 21, 2012 four strangers on a journey of faith are drawn to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico. Plot and … For example, he writes, “... the Maya were not speaking of the end of the world, as such, but rather the end of an age—‘a time of great transformation and world rebirth’—that would be followed by the beginning of a new great cycle or world age”.[174]. [167] In Alto Paraíso de Goiás, the hotels also made specific reservations for prophetic dates. [130] To be a threat to Earth, a supernova would need to be no further than 25 light years from the Solar System. [172] American reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt revealed that they had spent most of their $10 million of accumulated earnings by 2010 because they believed the world would end in 2012. After 21 December, this will surely return to normal. Mystical speculations about the precession of the equinoxes and the Sun's proximity to the center of the Milky Way appeared in Hamlet's Mill (1969) by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Deschend. [165][166] In the city of Corguinho, in the Mato Grosso do Sul, a colony was built for survivors of the expected tragedy. [27][90] There is also no evidence that the classic Maya attached any importance to the Milky Way; there is no glyph in their writing system to represent it, and no astronomical or chronological table tied to it. Instead, it was bound up with American concepts such as the New Age movement, 2012 millenarianism, and the belief in secret knowledge from distant times and places. Are you taking submissions? Harold Camping Is Right: The World Will End This Weekend (Or, a Preview of the 3rd Annual Doomsday Film Fest) (, A new age of anxiety brings a slew of apocalyptic flicks (, Celebrate The 2nd Coming Of The Rapture With This Doomsday Film Fest (, Come to the Doomsday Film Festival, a movie party devoted to the apocalypse! The secretary of the Great Council of Ancestral Authorities commented that living Maya felt they were excluded from the activities in Tikal. Pentru mayași este ultima zi înregistrată. [36], Very little is known about the god Bʼolon Yokteʼ. 85 mins More details at IMDb TMDb Report this film. Movies . 4.0 out … In addition, before the main Tikal ceremony, about 200 Maya protested the celebration because they felt excluded. In 2011, the local mayor, Jean-Pierre Delord, began voicing fears to the international press that the small town would be overwhelmed by an influx of thousands of visitors in 2012, even suggesting he might call in the army. [35] Two items in the Maya classical corpus, however, do mention the end of the 13th bʼakʼtun: Tortuguero Monument 6 and La Corona Hieroglyphic Stairway 12. The UFO conspiracy TV series The X-Files cited 22 December 2012 as the date for an alien colonization of the Earth and mentioned the Mayan calendar "stopping" on this date. Dale Midkiff. Mayan Long Count Reset and Multiple Correlation Theories “The December 21, 2012 date marks the changing of the Mayan 5,128 year long count from to much like an odometer. [93][94] The scientific community considers novelty theory to be pseudoscience. He believed this which would eventually reach a singularity of infinite complexity in 2012, at which point anything and everything imaginable would occur simultaneously. uhto꞉m il[?] On December 21, 2012 four strangers on a journey of faith are drawn to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico. [182] An article in The Daily Telegraph attributed the widespread fear of the 2012 phenomenon in China to the film, which was a smash hit in that country because it depicted the Chinese building "survival arks". As rapturously nutjob as a Harold Camping prophecy, Larry Cohen’s unholy B flick casts Tony Lo Bianco as a devout Catholic cop investigating an outbreak of homicidal religious mania. [76] In 2012, the Sun's December solstice fell on 21 December.[77]. In the Flobots' song "The Circle in the Square", they reference "the clock is now 11:55 on the big hand", which was the Doomsday Clock's setting in 2012 when the album was released. [17][18], There is a strong tradition of "world ages" in Maya literature, but the record has been distorted, leaving several possibilities open to interpretation. Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae were proposed for this date. Pe 21 decembrie 2012, patru străini într-o călătorie de credință sunt atrași de un templu antic din inima Mexicului. John Major Jenkins complained that a science fiction writer co-authored the documentary, and he went on to characterize it as "45 minutes of unabashed doomsday hype and the worst kind of inane sensationalism". [153] On 14 December 2012, a man in Henan province attacked and wounded twenty-three children with a knife. Rent 2012: Doomsday (2008) film for FREE as part of our trial offer. Basically, these films are someone trying to be like Cross Shadow or Faithhouse. Edit Report This. There's a wide range of thought on the Apocalypse that's rooted in both imaginative escapism and genuine fears. [119][120], Some believers in a 2012 doomsday claimed that a planet called Planet X, or Nibiru, would collide with or pass by the Earth. As the date of the apocalypse nears, several strangers travel to a temple in Mexico to prevent an ancient prophecy from destroying the world. … A Scientific Discovery Revealed.. On December 21, 2012 four strangers on a journey of faith are drawn to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico. [31], The European association of the Maya with eschatology dates back to the time of Christopher Columbus, who was compiling a work called Libro de las profecías during the voyage in 1502 when he first heard about the "Maia" on Guanaja, an island off the north coast of Honduras. [171] In Michigan, schools were closed for the Christmas holidays two days early, in part because rumours of the 2012 apocalypse were raising fears of repeat shootings similar to that at Sandy Hook. Streaming View all Streaming ... 2012 Doomsday Nick Everhart (2008) 99min. Directed by (1) Writing credits (2) Cast (53) Produced by (4) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (2) Production Design by (1) Costume Design by (1) Makeup Department (1) Production Management (2) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (2) "[30], Several prominent individuals representing Maya of Guatemala decried the suggestion that the world would end with the 13th bʼakʼtun. (i09), Doomsday Film Festival Hits New York To Explore Society’s Obsession With ‘The End Of The World’ (CBS NY Online), Prepare for the rapture or at least contemplate it (, Watch the World Burn at the Third Annual Doomsday Film Festival (GeekChicNYC). Thus ... our present universe [would] be annihilated ... when the Great Cycle of the Long Count reaches completion. Where is this year's Festival Being Held? However, when re-entering the galactic disc—as it does every 20–25 million years—it comes under the influence of the far stronger "disc tides", which, according to mathematical models, increase the flux of Oort cloud comets into the inner Solar System by a factor of 4, thus leading to a massive increase in the likelihood of a devastating comet impact.