Please review these requirements before completing the enrollment application. Learn Science Conceptual AcademyAward winning science courses including physics, chemistry and astromony for middle school, high school, and college prep. Do you offer a diploma or transcripts for homeschooled high schoolers? A homeschool umbrella school is an independent school that offers enrolled families a way to comply with state laws. Colorado Early Colleges (CEC): A statewide, tuition-free, public charter network of schools that offers three unique part-time homeschool programs that enable you to choose the type of homeschool program that best fits your lifestyle and educational philosophy. If you are a licensed teacher, you do not have to file any paperwork or register with an Umbrella School. Many families find that Time4Learning is an ideal program for homeschool umbrella schools. Sprial Academy. Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) FACE (Family Academy of Christian Education) Poudre River School. You may find the following pages helpful. In the state of Colorado you can file a NOI (Notice of Intent) with any school district in the state, or you can register with an Umbrella School. Posted by 1 year ago. Copyright © 2021 Time4Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Remember that when you choose this option, you are choosing to abide by the regulations of the individual school, rather than your school district. The Colorado Heritage Independent School, a private Christian school, provides homeschooling families "umbrella school" services (record keeping, etc.). This can be accomplished either via a nationally standardized test or an evaluation by a qualified professional. Enrollment is open to students in kindergarten through high school. Do Umbrella Schools Require Annual Testing? Video 3 Benefits of Enrolling in an Umbrella School. Consider it the in-depth hard-copy version of this online educational course, with tons of practical, step-by-step instructions for choosing curriculum, setting schedules, navigating high school, and much, much more. Because you are overseeing your child’s education, you set the requirements. Also, an umbrella school has to have at least one location in Colorado, in order to comply with our legal requirements. Some of the general regulations that all families will need to attend to include: The most critical part of the Non-Public School law option is the actual choice of which umbrella to homeschool under. FACE also serves as an official records-only program for Colorado home education that satisfies homeschooling law in Colorado. FREE E-Book to Help You Get Started! Lead by homeschoolers who support and facilitate homeschooling as an educational choice. Get the facts — and then get tools and community — that could make homeschooling possible for you. Under the Non-Public School Law, independent schools serve as an “umbrella” for Colorado homeschooling families. Some umbrellas will have a specific worldview, some will cater to a specific homeschooling style, and some will offer more services than others. They offer support, report to your zoned school district on your behalf, and not much else. We'd love to chat with you! If you choose this option, you must then inform the school district (that received your notice of intent) of the name of the school where the test scores are held. Colorado’s Homeschool Law Turns Twenty: Poudre River School is an independent, private school for families in Colorado who choose to teach their children independently, also known as an umbrella school. AVS is based on the Sudbury Valley School, which was founded in 1968. Caters to unschoolers. Call 888-771-0914. I never thought of Dayton Christian Homeschool as an umbrella school, but it fits your description. The Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell, Online Virtual Academies Mislead Homeschoolers, ©1997-2020  Rocky Mountain Education Connection. Colorado homeschool law in two simple steps! — Accredited. — Affordable. Legal disclaimer: This page provides suggestions and information on how to meet the mandatory school attendance laws in Colorado. It’s no different than a private school issuing and signing a diploma. Parents should agree to the terms … If you want to enroll in one of these things, go right ahead. We have a couple more schools to hear from, but CSU is his first choice because it is one of the few schools with both Apparel Design and Business programs. — Minimum oversight. We recommend that … While Time4Learning is currently not ADA compliant, we are constantly working to improve our website. Colorado, USA. However, umbrella/cover/satellite schools specifically cater to homeschoolers. — Supporting unique kids, co-ops and special needs. Students age 5-18 explore the world and their interests, free of grades, grade levels, bells, whistles, tests, and required classes. … Why Are They Called “Umbrella” Schools? Umbrella Schools in Colorado. CHESS provides information about getting started with homeschooling, finding a curriculum, getting involved in a local support group, and how to be in compliance with the homeschool laws. Spiral Academy PRS is open to students in Kindergarten through High School. — Enter coupon code RMEC40 and get $40 off your first year’s tuition. High School Requirements. I just wanted to let you know that Cole was accepted into Colorado State University. Get Your Free Package! Requirements for Homeschooling in Colorado Compulsory school age in Colorado is between 6 and 17 years old, and all children must be enrolled in a public or private school or choose one of the three options for home education to avoid truancy complications. If you’re enrolling with an umbrella school in Tennessee, homeschool curriculum choice may or may not be up to you. File an NOI: Keep in mind that filing an NOI (Notice of Intent) to your local school district must be done 14 days prior to beginning homeschooling. It is not intended and should not be used as definitive legal advice. FACE (Family Academy of Christian Education) is a private and independent school, founded in 1996, to support and enhance the home education experience of families in Colorado and worldwide. Excerpted from The Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell: It’s a licensed private school, like any other private school. CHESS is a private school (incorporated in 1991) that supervises homeschool families within the state of Colorado. a blend of interactive lessons, worksheets, activities, and assessments for grades PreK-12, courses in math, language arts, science, social studies, foreign language, and more, works with a large range of learning styles, multimedia lessons that help learners retain information, self-paced system that lets parents and students decide if they want to move sequentially through material or pick and choose what to focus on, ($14.95 monthly for each additional student). 8. The Front Range Christian School Umbrella Program is a fully licensed umbrella school. Always consult the actual state code (which is usually online at your state's official website) for the most up to date and accurate legal information with regard to homeschooling. Enrollment in a Colorado umbrella school is open from June through April 30th each school year. Also keep in mind that interpretations of the … — WRA graduates have been accepted into major universities all across the U.S. A-Z Homeschool Umbrella Schools in Tennessee. Some of the features that make Time4Learning popular with … 8. Here are some questions to get answers to from each school before making your final choice. About the CHEC Independent School A part of Christian Home Educators of Colorado, the CHEC Independent School is an umbrella school that serves homeschool families across the state from our home office in Parker. It’s made me very careful about the schools I list and recommend. A Cambium Learning Group Company In most states, parents find a variety of legal methods to pursue the educational approach that they prefer for their child. Here’s a quick breakout, but find all the details and read the law here. Online Virtual Academies Mislead Homeschoolers Each umbrella school will have their own process for application and enrollment, so be sure to carefully follow the guidelines of your chosen school. Video 4 Schedules, Curriculum, and Community Support. Classes must include reading, writing, speaking, math, history, literature, science, civics, and U.S. Constitution. Also does evaluations to meet CO homeschool law. Services include: record keeping for homeschool families; transcript help; access to curriculum coaching and advice; being a part of the FRCS family! FACE offers multiple enrollment choices and … Make sure the school knows the law and is complying with all the requirements. Have Others Keep Your Records Independent and parochial schools can also keep records for you. What are the costs of enrollment and/or tuition? Get Your Free Package! — They have students all over the world. Based in Grand Junction, CO, this accredited umbrella school meets CO state compulsory attendance laws by providing private school enrollment. Do you make recommendations on curriculum? Some of the umbrella schools … Alpine Valley School Enrollment Requirements. Homeschooling families who are not enrolled in an independent school must report their records to a public school district. Here are some of their great benefits: They welcome all religious beliefs (or not), political viewpoints and cultures. In other words, it’s a buyer-be-ware market for homeschool families. Video 5 Ten Time-Tested Secrets of a Successful Education. WRA has two locations; one in Colorado and one in California. We need to remember how restrictive homeschooling used to be, and how wonderfully different it is now.